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I recently purchased some lead bullets from H and S Bullets. They were 230 grain 45 ACP bullets. They were packaged nicely in heavy plastic bags that had been heat sealed for an air and waterproof seal. They were also lubed with an odorless and non sticky lube that made them nice to handle.



Upon opening the bag, I observed the bullets to be uniform in appearance with no mold seam marks and they were evenly coated with the lube. I first measured several random ones that I had removed from the bag. Every one that I measured was exactly .451. I next weighed them and found them to weigh within one tenth of a grain of 231 grains. I was impressed with these uniform diameters and weights. I have cast bullets for 44 years and couldn't cast them any more precise than these.

I then loaded several and as expected, they functioned flawlessly thru a 1911.

Samples of the loaded shells.

Samples of the loaded shells.

From my experience of reviewing bullets from H and S Bullets i feel that you won't be disappointed with them or the friendly conversation and service by owner Nathan Hansen. I will also mention that he gives a discount to law enforcement and military personnel.

Joe Miller