On years that those of us that like ice fishing are lucky enough to actually get safe ice we need to make the best of it. In the above picture is just over 100 blue gills caught in about three hours of fishing a farm pond. I was with Dick Robson and Mike McKee. It was a very successful day. Dick even brought some pheasant chowder that we heated up for our lunch. Yummy!

As with most outdoor adventures, we all try to use the gear that is the best we can afford or the easiest to obtain that works good. One thing that helps greatly in ice fishing is rod holders. There are commercially made holders that work but not so well for some rods. I try to make as much of my own gear and equipment as is practical when considering time, money, and good function. I get great satisfaction in making the things I use in my outdoor pursuits. This includes reloaded ammo to fishing jigs and a whole lot more.

Some items that I recently made were ice rod holders, which can also be used in warm weather fishing. They fill the bill when considering the above issues. All that is needed for materials is 18 inches of PVC pipe, 45 degree angle, and a piece of treated 2x6, 16 inches long. The PVC items need to be 1 1/4 inch ID. Needed tools are a hacksaw, a hand drill, a 1 1/2 inch spade bit, a pencil, and a handheld jig saw. 


Using the hacksaw, cut the PVC pipe into 6 inch and 12 inch pieces as shown. Then simply put the PVC pieces into the 45 degree angle. I don't even use glue.

Next, using the drill and spade bit, drill a hole in the 2x6. Center the hole about 3 inches from one end of the board. Then center one of the pieces of PVC over the hole and draw a line around the PVC with the pencil touching the PVC. Use the jigsaw to cut out the hole so the PVC will fit snug inside the hole.


All that is left to do is to place the assembled PVC into the hole.


You now have an inexpensive functional rod holder that YOU MADE! Good luck fishing.