Bacon Wrapped Duck Breast Filets

This is a favorite from North Dakota duck camp and is easy to prepare at home. To me, it tastes best with teal but any puddling duck will work.

To begin, I always start with boneless and skinless duck breast filets.


4 - 6 duck breast filets

Bacon strips cut to half their length (not thick sliced)


** marinade of your choice

Step 1. - Cut the breasts into chunks that are slightly smaller than a golf ball. If you so choose, you can marinade them overnight in the refrigerator in your favorite marinade.

Step 2. - Next cut strips of bacon to half their regular length and wrap a single cut strip around each chunk of breast meat and attach it with a toothpick. Always use regular thickness bacon, NOT thick sliced.

Step 3. - All that is required now is to cook the pieces on the grill. Remember to make sure they are done and remove the toothpick before consuming them.