Bacon Wrapped Deer Tenderloin

This recipe is one of my personal favorites! In fact, I'd think to compare it to the best filet mignon I have ever tasted. The thing to remember when butchering your deer, (or handling filets or any wild game meats that were butchered by somebody else) is to trim all the fat from the meat. The fat is where that 'gamey flavor' is drawn from, and disliked by some people.

To begin, I allow two butterflied filets per person.


2 butterflied tenderloins per person

1 red onion  

bacon strips (not thick sliced)


** Marinade of your choice

Step 1. - Slice the red onion and fill the butterfly gap with onion slices.

Step 2. - Wrap one strip of bacon around the onion filled tenderloin. The bacon strip should wrap around about the tenderloin about twice.

Step 3. - Press two toothpicks thru the bacon and tenderloin. The bacon strip should hold the onion in place inside the tenderloin. I always use two toothpicks and tell those eating of that fact so they know to always remove two toothpicks before eating the filet. 

Step 4. - Once you have prepped the correct number of filets, cook them on the grill at low heat or flame until they reach your desired amount of cooking. Remember to follow safe cooking rules for meat temperature to prevent bacteria or parasite issues.